About us

D.E.W.T. Consultingis a young company and is run by Jörgen Örnestav, who has more than 25 years of experience and extensive experience in the Recycling and Wastes industry at varying levels. Jörgen has held positions as Production Manager, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager at Ragn-Sells AB. responsibility to sell the Group's Iron, Metal and Electronics. Head of Division in Norrtälje Municipality for Waste and Add a very large network in the industry that has been built over the years.

What separates D.E.W.T. Consulting to others Environmental consultants are that we can contribute expertise to the customer throughout the recycling chain, from where the waste / raw material is produced, collection, sorting to treatment where the waste is recycled / recycled / recycled / deposited ex. to process plants / smelters / incinerators / landfills.